For many years, the sole purpose of South Shore Arts was to provide arts related programs to artists and residents of Northwest Indiana and the Southern suburbs of Chicago, however, recently our purpose has expanded. As Regional Partner for the Indiana Arts Commission, building on our mission, we also focus on providing services for Arts Organizations throughout Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties.

Check out what it's all about and how we could/should be helping you!!

  • Do you need $$$$$ for your organization? Find out if you're eligible for funding by contacting Donna Catalano, Special Projects Director.

  • Do you need the name of a local or state artist that specializes in landscapes? Let us help you find them, and hundreds of other artists by going to the Indiana Arts web site!

  • Do you need help putting together a not-for-profit organization? We have the tools to help you get started! Just ask Donna Catalano, Special Projects Director.

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